Extinct mosquitoes is a platform born in 2019 with three main goals:

1. Acknowledge the emergency

To raise awareness about the urgency and magnitude of the mosquito-borne diseases problem. They are one of humanity’s greatest challenges, and they should be given the same importance as the fight against hunger, wars and climate change among others.

2. Educate

To inform and educate the population on the risks and benefits of using the gene drive technology for solving this issue.

3. Call to action

To provide the tools for everyone to be part of the solution and spread the word. To encourage governments and other organizations to cooperate, implement policies and provide funding aimed at the eradication of the most dangerous mosquito species.

Why do we have to eradicate mosquitoes? Could there be a better solution?

There are more ways for fighting mosquito borne diseases ofc.

-Traditional methods (bed nets, pesticides, eliminar zonas de cría, etc.)

-Sterile insect techniche (tambien es traidcional env erdad)

-Less aggressive gene drives strategies (making mosquitoes resistant to parasites)

El problema? que estamos muy lejos de conseguirlo por estos métodos. No es viable de aquí a +10 años.

En cambio extinguiendo a los mosquitoes pues si tenemos una chance.