Mosquitoes are the most deadly animal on Earth. Every year, they kill more people than all the wars and homicides in the world together.

fotito mosquito


Fortunately, this could come to an end very soon. Since the discovery in 2013 of a new gene-editing tool (CRISPR-Cas), scientists are now able to introduce a vicious gene into a single mosquito that will quickly spread through the whole population.

This is called a gene drive.

And it can be used to completely extinct mosquitoes.

Why have we not done this yet?

The main reason is that the general public ignores the magnitude of the problem of mosquito-borne diseases. About two thousand people die every day because of them, and yet they are not considered an urgent problem by our society.

On top of that, people are also -wisely- wary about the idea of making a whole animal species go extinct.

Could it be dangerous for us? Is it there a less radical solution for this problem?